Wisdom Teeth Removal

Teeth Extractions Available in Leopold

Occasionally, the removal of a tooth is required when the tooth is deemed beyond repair or the patient opts for an extraction over a Root Canal Treatment. The removal of a tooth is a gentle procedure performed using local anesthetic and simple elevating tools and forceps.​

​Wisdom teeth are the last molars to come through and can often get “stuck” either in the jaw or on the tooth ahead. Wisdom teeth that get stuck often get painful, which is why they are commonly extracted at a young age before problems can occur.

Types of Teeth Extractions

There are 2 different types of extractions a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. Simple extractions involve gently rocking the tooth, so it is loose enough for the forceps to grip before slightly wiggling it out of the socket in one piece. A surgical extraction is a more complex procedure that requires the removal of a small bit of gum and bone to expose the tooth before it is removed and a stitch is placed to help the socket heal. If the dentist believes the tooth will require a specialist extraction or the patient wishes to be put to sleep for the removal, we can refer patients to the local oral surgeon in the center of Geelong.

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